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DryLand Native Grasses is a Wholesale Nursery / Growing Operation started by Landscape Architects and Horticulturists that specializes in 1 Gallon Native and Adaptable Grasses. Dryland Natives was started to fill a need for the most popular grasses utilized in the landscape in the DFW Area. The use of Native Grasses in the Landscape has grown over the past years creating shortages therefore becoming more difficult to locate and procure for your projects. As a Landscape Architect that specifies many of these Natives, we understand the difficulty procuring plant material for your projects.

Contract Growing

Let DryLand Natives Contract Grow for your future projects. DryLand Natives will procure the liners needed, grow and deliver to your site. We will bring in the quantities needed plus 10% to ensure we will have the number of plants needed that meet the specifications for the project.

The terms for a Contract Grow is 50% to start the Grow, 25% due 30 days prior to delivery and the balance due upon delivery.

Dryland Native Grasses - Hameln Grass

Highest Quality Native and Adaptable Grasses for your project

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Why Choose Us

The Highest Quality Grasses in the DFW Area

DryLand Natives takes pride in the grasses we grow. We will not market plant material that does not have a full root zone. I, as a Landscape Architect will not sell plant stock that I would not approve for my own projects. My design firm was built on Honesty and Integrity and those traits are carried over to DryLand Native Grasses

We provide the best grass for your projects